This weekend Bournemouth hosted the annual airshow after the "covid enforced" break. It was great to see the display returning with the Red Arrows back in action as well as all of the other planes / helicopter displays. I am always amazed at the speed and noise of the Red Arrows and feel in awe of the skill and ability, of the pilots, to do what they do.  Maybe, if I'd set my sights higher, I could have been a pilot, how cool would that have been?
The reality is though, the pilots are just like you and me, they are human beings, people, fathers, brothers and sons. They are people who decided that this was their future and they had enough determination to follow their dreams. I never even gave it a thought, even when I decided to join the RAF when I was 18, it never entered my head. Me, a pilot, not a chance! This meant I never even gave myself a chance, because I never tried. "I couldn't be a pilot" turned into a self fulfilling prophecy.
To be honest, it wasn't a passion of mine so it was inevitable I wouldn't end up in that industry. I think that, now more than ever before, the next working generation will be full of people following their dreams through their jobs. More business start-ups, entrepreneurs popping up everywhere and less of people doing 35+ hours a week Monday to Friday for 40+ years in the same organisation. It's going to be a different world for my grandchildren and, I feel, this change will be a positive thing.
If you had your chance again, what profession would you have picked, the same one or something different? I haven't always enjoyed the jobs I've had, but I always did my best to achieve the expectations of my employer, boss and team mates. That is not the same as being in a profession, you love, and doing something every day that you look forward to doing. I'm not sure that exists 100% in any job, there will always be aspects that you don't like, but if you look forward to 85% then that's a great place to be.
I keep telling my kids that they may not have their ideal job yet but everything they do, up until that point, is building their worth, their connections and their skills. It all adds value somewhere along the line, so just do your best and enjoy the learning experience. Obviously, they don't listen to a word I say but I feel good having said it!
I hope you have a fantastic week and enjoy, at least 85%+ of what you do. If not, keep positive, your dream job is out there somewhere, you just have to keep looking for it and know what it is!

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