So, as you know, there is no holiday this year and I am at home now when my kitchen is being replaced, which was not the plan. I have no kitchen, there are boxes full of 'stuff' all over the place and my temporary office is cluttered again. I'm in a mess, we are all in a mess!
My wife is pulling her hair out, the kids don't know where anything is (Neither do I) and I feel responsible for the carnage. It was supposed to be perfectly timed with minimal disruption, but it's been the opposite and we are all 'on the edge'.
We are doing the washing up in the garden, filling the kettle with the outside tap and eating far too many take aways! We are, however, surviving and looking at the end game of next Friday when it will all be completed. I have to remind myself that the end result will be worth it and we won't have to look at replacing the kitchen for at least 12 years, I hope.
While we have all been suffering different things, due to CV-19, I have noticed how much TLC my house needs, and, it's never ending. The kitchen is one thing, the new office is another thing and the garden is something so far out of my skill and capability, I'll have to get professionals in to help. The only problem is, it all costs money, so it's time to plan and set small targets to achieve it all.
I have to prioritise things and save cash, which is difficult when everything, I'm planning, is set to cost me all I have saved. Mind you, I haven't spent money on family holidays, not done anything extravagant (Like buy a new bike) for at least 2 years and work is picking up again so I'm feeling positive that I can sort some things out.
Today we are going to pick up the tiles and buy the new cooker, ready for fitting, so my wife is fairly excited to see things coming together. I'm looking at the downstairs toilet and planning to rip that out while I have space in the skip, which makes sense to me! I just have to motivate my mate next door to help put the new stuff in. 
The short term inconvenience will be worth it, although I must admit, I am fed up of painting things, cleaning up mess and constantly looking for things that we have moved, but, we are nearly there.
My main focus is to make sure we are all enjoying life and making the most of what we can. I'm getting to the gym, playing football and I even went to a boxing show last week, so socially, I am happy and things are 'nearly normal'.
Life seems to be full of change, challenge and disruption but, when you put it all in to context, it's not so bad, really!
Have a great week and I hope your disruptions are only minor inconveniences.

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