Last week was quite productive, on a work and personal level, and I must admit I was looking forward to the weekend. It's been quite a while since I've really noticed the difference between the week and the weekend. The lines have been blurred, which has felt quite strange and confusing, but last week was different.
I'm not sure if it was because I'd had a busy week and then, on Friday, the weather picked up again and the sun was shining so that might have had an impact. Whatever caused that feeling, it was great! It was almost like the anticipation of going on a well deserved holiday.
The weekend did not disappoint! On Saturday I spent time with the family and watched my Son play football and then watched the football on TV. On the Sunday I went for a bike ride with my mate Tony. He has convinced me to do an event on the 5th June which is a 102 mile bike ride through the New Forest. As I haven't ridden my bike since last September, I thought I'd better dust the bike off and get back on it. I am going to experience a painful day unless I get some miles in beforehand.
Unfortunately, mid-way through the bike ride, my chain came off, snapped my derailleur and buckled the chain in the process. The final 15 miles was a nervous ride with the chain slipping every 3-4 turns, but we got back without having to call for assistance, thankfully! Now I need to get it fixed ASAP as I want to get out a few more times before the event.
Today is Monday! The weekend is over and the working week has begun. I don't know about you, but I feel things are returning to some form of normality. I am not running all over the country or travelling abroad to deliver sessions at the moment and I am still doing the virtual 'thing' but it does feel like I have more structure.
I have a face-to-face meeting with my business partner today, the first in a long time, to discuss plans, actions and also some upcoming work we are delivering together. I am looking forward to seeing him and catching up over a coffee. So much has happened over the last year and, although we have spoken on a regular basis, we haven't really talked. Most of us will have experienced the difference in conversations with the people in our lives.
The 'fun virtual calls' started with energy and bewilderment, changing backgrounds and playing around with the features available on different platforms. We had quizzes, fun events and people were very creative, trying to keep the connection meaningful. This, eventually, morphed into Zoom fatigue and even the informal connection was strained and resisted. It was no longer fun and new, it had become tedious and forced.
Now we are getting closer to having the ideal balance. We will be meeting again (A Vera Lynn song springs to mind) and shaking hands or hugging each other. We will be more mindful of our life balance and prioritise things differently. Things will never be the same again and I think that is positive for us all.
This experience, for me, has had it's ups and downs but I feel like I have survived, my family have survived (No divorces yet!) and we are appreciative of simple things that we use to take for granted. Even being able to go out on a bike ride again, has been refreshing.
I hope that your last year has given you a new, positive, view on the different aspects of your life. I now appreciate my Fridays more and even look forward to my Mondays now.
I never thought I'd say that, I must have my positive pants on!

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