So, today is going to be a sad day. I have to take my dog, Billy, to the vets and I have a feeling it will not be good news, and, this week will be his last. He is 12 years old and has had a great life and, in fact, the last year has probably been the best for him as we have all been in lockdown and he has had loads of attention and company.
He has a degenerative disease and is now struggling to walk, is disorientated and, only last week, I noticed he suddenly looks unhappy / vacant. I knew, over a year ago, that he had degenerative myelopathy and immediately did some research to see what I could do about it, but most things pointed to a general deterioration and all I could do was to provide pain management. I only hope the vet has a magic potion to help with his pain and discomfort.
If it is bad news, I have promised my family that I will give them a chance to say their goodbyes and I will bring him home today, to allow them time to process and deal with things. 
I have to say that having a dog has brought joy into our lives and we have loved the experience of having an extra family member that doesn't fall out with you, will always listen and will, certainly, comfort you when needed. Unconditional love is what you get from a dog, no matter what day they have had or what mood they are in.
It's a shame I can't say the same for the rest of the family!
I am not sure that we will look for another dog though. It is something that cannot be taken lightly when you decide on having a pet. You have responsibilities as an owner and simple things like a weekend away can become a logistical nightmare. So, for us, it will be time to pause and reflect, take some time out and get the garden in shape again!
On a brighter note, it is another sunny day on the South coast, I have a gym session booked in at 1pm and I am going to make the most of this Monday. 6-a-side football tonight should round the day off well, followed by watching the second half of the Liverpool game with a well deserved beer.
Have a great day and remember, life is full of 'ups and downs' and that's why it is so great . Enjoy the 'ups' and use the 'downs' to appreciate everything else you have, including 12 years with a lovely, loyal pet.

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