I hope your Christmas was fun and full of nice surprises, mine certainly was.
2021 is starting with a limp and although Brexit is agreed and done, to some degree, we still have loads of hurdles to jump over. Businesses are still reeling from the affects of CV-19 wave 1 to wave 3, tiers 1- 4 imposing more restrictions, but we are getting there. By the end of the year we will be in full flow again, on all levels.
I am hopeful that we can, at least, enjoy a Summer holiday and a few other breaks away, that would be nice. Although the business was in fairly good shape before CV-19 hit us, our work was obliterated overnight and the diary became empty. We did, as many of you did, became creative and used online virtual delivery, where possible, but the uncertainty shut down all employee development in some companies. So, we need to put some effort in to getting the diary filled up again by connecting with, and supporting our clients.
As things begin to open up and the world re-shapes itself we also prepare to engage, rebuild and re-energise our efforts to breathe life back into our business. It's going to be an interesting year ahead and there will be challenges, I'm certain of that, but we are up for it. Having run my own business since 2001 we have had ups and downs, worried about paying the mortgage and then done well enough to have nice holidays. The contrast can change in a moment. One minute you are happy with the way the business is shaping up and then a phone call ruins some of your plans - that's life!
As a small business owner I am happy that we don't have big overheads or staff to support. I feel for anyone that has had to make people redundant or has been made redundant, it's been a real challenge. I work with a company that had to let 60 staff members 'go' and I could feel their pain. The thing about social media, and specifically LinkedIn in this case, was that I saw the post from people I'd worked with sharing their news. The sad news followed by the good news, new jobs in different companies, new challenges and, for some, a complete change in direction.
It shows that, even when things don't go to plan, you should never give up. The minute you give up is the minute you miss potential opportunities. Connecting and networking is easier nowadays, with all of the technology available, and we should maximise our efforts to reach out and ask the question. Seeing people succeeding in getting new jobs, really made me smile and and, I'm sure, gave people in a similar situation, hope.
As is consistent with this time of year, I have set more goals to keep me moving towards positive things. Some business goals, personal goals, travel plans and family things, just enough to challenge me but not overwhelm me. To be fair, they are a bit different from last year with a strong emphasis on health and wellbeing, instead of a new bike or newer car!
What goals have you set to keep you motivated this year?
I wish you all the best in 2021 I hope it brings you everything you work towards.

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