The Christmas tree is finally up and decorated. We left it later than normal but decided to involve the Grandchildren in the experience. Nanny always has the final say, as to which tree we end up with, but everyone chipped in with their comments. Personally I stay out of it and just pay when the decision has been made, it's easier!
When we got the tree home, I secured it in the base, fiddled around with the settings and left it to breathe. I then had to chop a bit off the bottom as it was, slightly, too tall, re-fit it in the base and that is where my responsibilities stopped, for this task. The decorating is left to my wife, the children and (this year) the grandchildren, it's a family event.
I love the fact everyone knows what their role is, when it comes to this time of year, especially when the house gets busy. It can get a bit tense if people do not contribute, help or appreciate others. Emotions can rise if a joke is made, someone is too stressed, or feels left out.
The atmosphere is affected by everyone's mood and behaviour so it is vital to have a bit more patience, empathy and control. I know my role as a mediator is tested when there are more people in the same space. The kitchen feel too small, my seat gets occupied if I leave it for 10 seconds and no-one wants to make a coffee as it becomes a major task when everyone says "Yes please". It's a tough time of the year!
It can also be a great time when people feel happy and more festive. It's a time for giving and I love seeing the joy in faces and sometimes, the obvious, disappointment is even funnier! The Christmas TV can be entertaining and watching one of the classic films together is always a treat.
I am looking forward to letting 2020 drift away but there have been good and bad things to reflect on. This year has been very different, challenging and, at times, frustrating but I have also enjoyed certain aspects as well. Time with the family, facing challenges together and doing more things together, such as exercising or walking down the beach. 
I feel 2021 will be an amazing year and I certainly plan to enjoy every moment.
I hope your Christmas is full of joy and love, I hope that every moment creates a fond memory for the future. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

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