The gym was so busy last week and everyone seemed so happy to be there. The new standard of cleanliness is amazing with everyone wiping down machines, putting weights back and being polite to each other. Why wasn't it always like this?
Having worked in gyms, for a large part of my life, the constant cleaning and tidying up after people was a real pain. Weights left all over the place, sweat on every bit of kit and a general distaste for other people was the norm (for some).
This is a positive change and I like it, but I wonder how long it will last! Will we return to our old habits and will things go back to our previous norm, even if it wasn't a good thing?
As much as the whole pandemic has been awful and devastating for some, it has also given the world a shake. It's spurred us into action, speeding up initiatives to save and protect the planet, which needed to happen. It's just a shame that it took a world crisis to wake us up.
I am looking forward to getting back to travelling and certainly going on holiday again, and, I can't wait to see mates and catch up face to face, possibly in a pub. My carbon footprint is going to increase because of this, but I will be more mindful of how much I travel, the transport I use and the locations I go to. This experience has made me more aware of the simple things I can do to have less impact on the world.
What have you missed the most?
The hugs and kisses, the friends and family or the social interaction? These are things we don't have to pay for, they are free, and they are so impactful to our mental health and wellbeing. I think I took some things for granted and placed the importance, of certain things, at the wrong end of the list. So, time to adjust things as soon as I am able to.
Some things I will not go back to doing such as travelling to places, for a meeting, if a Zoom call is just as good! (Other platforms are available). I can't imagine how many hours I have spent in the car, on trains, on a plane where a virtual call would have done the job just as well, how mad were we? It's time to get the home office up to speed and utilise my time better.
I hope there have been some positive changes for you and maybe some 'light bulb moments' about life, how you do things and how you can maximise your time on this planet. I'm in my final third of my life now and want to enjoy it as much as I can. I can't give up working, because I was never smart with my money, but I can chose to spend time doing more of the things I actually like doing, and, the list is growing!
What are you looking forward to this week and who is the first person you are going to hug when you can?
Have a great week, the light is getting brighter......

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