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We recognise that people in sales and service drive profit for organisations, if they interact successfully with their customers. As sales become more complex and competitive, the requirement for a more ’rounded’ sales person is a Sales Directors new challenge. Building relationships, challenging customers and delivering collaborative solutions makes the  process more complex than just selling a product.  This means sales teams need more skills to deal with the new challenges ahead. Delivering customer service excellence and positioning your product effectively makes the customer’s experience a positive one, which results in repeat business.With over 50 years of, collective experience, we partner with you to design a programme that will achieve your objectives. In our delivery we combine classroom theory, simulations and support to deliver the results you are looking for, back in the workplace.

Our sessions are dynamic with direct links from theory to the ‘real world’. This is followed by the opportunity to practise in a safe learning environment, which means participants leave with the motivation to use new techniques immediately.

If you are looking to increase sales, improve customer service and gain bigger commitments from your clients then contact us to discuss how we can support you.

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