Whether we look at the workplace, the sports arena, politics, or even our own health, scientific research has demonstrated time and time again that those people with higher levels of optimism will consistently out-perform those individuals with lower levels of optimism.

At Potential Plus we design and deliver our optimism workshops/programmes based on the research conducted over 20 – years by Dr Martin Seligman. He has demonstrated that the quality optimism has much to do with success in all areas of our lives.


The great news is that your level of optimism is not a fixed. With a range of simple, easy to use tools and techniques will facilitate an interactive workshop designed to establish:
  • Current levels of optimism;
  • Current levels of hopefulness.

Delegates will then be introduced to a range of specific techniques that if used consistently will enable them to raise their level of optimism and experience all of the proven associated benefits.

Benefits to the individual

The information, tools and techniques learned during the workshop/programme will impact on both personal and professional lives by focusing on:
  • Establishing personal levels of optimism when faced with life’s successes and failures;
  • Being able to understand and influence others, their beliefs attitudes and motivation;
  • Developing more optimistic, empowering responses to challenges and set-backs;
  • Identifying the ‘States’ in which you are most optimistic and then the techniques that will enable you to enter those states at will.

Benefits to the organisation

The organisation will benefit directly from individuals who are more optimistic, confident and motivated. Dr Seligman’s research shows it is a proven process to:
  • Increased productivity;
  • Reduced employee turnover;
  • The creation of a more resilient workforce.

Who Should Attend

This training programme will benefit people at all levels of the organisation.
Anyone looking to succeed whether personally or professionally will leave this programme with tools and techniques to maximise an optimistic, empowering attitude.

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