Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance” is how we define coaching. It’s what every manager strives to do and get – improved performance through others. If done correctly, coaching can, not only improve individual and team performance, it can change a culture to be more positive and energised. This programme explores the theory behind coaching and gives delegates the opportunity to practise their skills in a safe environment.


To discuss coaching as a form of communication and apply the practical skills to become a, top class, business-coach. This programme is designed to build delegate confidence in using coaching as a default communication style to improve their management capabilities.

Benefits – to the individual

Individuals will leave this programme with a deeper understanding of why coaching others makes a difference to how they get results. Depending on the current level delegates will:
  • Get a refresher or a new learning experience;
  • Understand the tools and techniques to get more from themselves and others;
  • Raise awareness of current communication styles and when to change styles;
  • Recognise the time to push back and challenge others;
  • Appreciate when and how to coach.

Benefits – to the organisation

Organisations that have a coaching culture get more from their staff in the long run. Coaching encourages:
  • Staff to take more responsibility for taking action;
  • Managers to hold others accountable to do what they say they are going to do;
  • A more positive relationship between staff and managers;
  • A solution focussed workforce.

Which will lead to:
  • Improved communication;
  • Better time management;
  • Reduction in attrition rates;
  • Clear succession planning using organic growth;

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