Our Company

WHY Potential Plus Ltd exists

We make a difference to individuals, teams and organisations. We believe that everyone has the ability to improve and develop, therefore, we constantly challenge people to be even better. The biggest barrier to success normally starts with an individuals thoughts and feelings and if we can challenge the way someone thinks and feels we can produce even better results.

WHO we are
  • We are a team of experts that deliver exceptional programmes
  • A quality driven training consultancy delivering programmes since 2001
  • Passionate about making a real difference for people and businesses
  • A company that understands the critical distinction between mediocre performers and those that truly excel – ATTITUDE

WHAT we do
  • Develop Winning Attitudes
  • Create a working partnership to develop your business and your people
  • Remove psychological barriers to improve performance
  • Link key messages to ensure a cultural shift
  • Add value through support, recommendation and consultant feedback

HOW we make a difference to your business
  • We listen to understand your needs and make recommendations based on our experience
  • We engage at all levels to ensure buy-in from stake-holders
  • We reinforce learning through work-based application
  • We deliver modular programmes that create real, transformational, change
  • Work with you post-training, to reinforce learning ensuring ROI
  • We deliver training that fast tracks potential

WHY you should contact us
We design inspirational programmes delivered by passionate people, creating lasting change.

Contact US

Potential Plus Ltd.
Ivy House,
49 Harewood Gardens,
Email: enquiries@potentialplus.net
Tel No.: +44 (0) 1202 381990

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Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it. – Henry David Thoreau
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