Sharon Kiley // Associate Consultant

Sharon Kiley
Sharon is a professionally qualified trainer who can draw on over 18 years experience working for companies, such as Zurich Financial Services, Sesame & Elsevier. 

Strengths include her ability to see the big picture and she has a broad range of skills from holding down a wide variety of roles in management, customer service, complaint handling, HR and training. This lends Sharon a great deal of credibility in the training room, as she has probably encountered most common work situations and can empathise with candidates. 

In previous training roles, she was a Learning & Development manager with responsibility for meeting the training and development needs of over 2000 employees. This means that Sharon has a valuable knowledge of the external training market, as well as understanding customers’ needs to provide cost effective, added value training. As a trainer, she looks for 
interactive, enjoyable solutions to maximise the learning experience and has designed bespoke solutions covering a wide range of topics. 

Sharon has extensive experience in delivery & facilitation of course material together with on going coaching of individuals at all levels across a range of industries including: automotive industry, manufacturing, financial services and local government departments. 

In particular, Sharon enjoys working with clients to use training and development as a way of increasing motivation and improving culture and company results. At the heart of Sharon’s work lies the inspirational Insights Discovery System. The Insights system celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and illustrates the exceptional ways in which recognising and valuing these differences can empower people, teams and entire organisations. 

Sharon believes that the Discovery Profile is the most accurate and dynamic personal profile in the world, and the best possible tool for assisting individuals in their search for understanding – both in terms of their personal style and in terms of managing their 
relationships with others, at work and at home. Sharon is an accredited Licensed Practitioner of Insights and has used the tool many times for individual Personal Development and increasing both individual and team performance.

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