Tina Neville-Davies // Associate Consultant

Tina Neville-Davies
Tina is an L&D specialist helping individuals, teams and businesses create lasting positive change. As an experienced and pragmatic business coach and facilitator, she works with a wide variety of UK and global organisations including Cambridge University Press, Old Mutual Global Investments, Fisher & Paykel, Dairy Crest and Specsavers.
Since graduating from Manchester University with a BSc in Hotel and Institutional Management; she has had over 28 years experience developing her business consultancy, coaching and facilitation skills. Her focus is on personal and business transformation involving individual and team coaching, facilitation of leadership, management and sales development programmes. Using 360 feedback and other psychometric tools helps reflect and provide the evidence for understanding individual and team strengths and areas for potential development.
When coaching or training, her real passion is helping people make the small pragmatic changes that are both sustainable yet significant in terms of their performance and self-esteem. She has been told on many occasions that she’s an expert at ‘holding-up-the mirror’ to people to help them understand themselves better; enabling them to get where they want and need to be.
As an enthusiastic, motivational coach and facilitator, she has a ‘glass half full attitude’ to life and believes this is fundamental to the success and style of how she works whilst still being able to be supportive, considerate, professional and flexible.

Accreditations & Professional Tools
*     Insights Discovery Profiling – Individual, Team and Organisational Effectiveness -  
Licensed Practitioner since 2006.
*     Diploma in Performance Coaching  / Transformational Coaching Accreditation 
*     Kaizen Masterclass in Facilitation Techniques
*     Everything DiSC  / 5 Behaviours of Cohesive Team – Profiling / Workshop facilitation Accreditation 
*      Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) Practitioner 
*      360 Profiling  - Design and Feedback
*      Emotional Intelligence - Hay Group ECI Accredited / JCA (ie profiling) . 
*      NLP Accredited Practitioner
*      Transactional Analysis  - TA 101 Certificate 

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