Mark Simpson // Director

Mark Simpson
Having successfully graduated in June 1990 with a degree in Biomedical Science, Mark started his career with Cilag Ltd as a Medical Sales Representative. 
Seeking to better himself and looking for new opportunities to develop, he joined Astra Pharmaceuticals Ltd in November 1992. Due to his success at Astra, he began coaching on a one to one basis in May 1994 for two days a month. Mark also ran training sessions at Conferences, Regional meetings and Initial Training Courses. Further sales success led to promotion to Hospital Representative in March 1996
Mark was then appointed to the position of Senior Healthcare Specialist at Baker Norton in July 1996, where he used Baker Norton’s unique proposition to further enhance my sales technique. He also continued his training development by running Regional training sessions on competitor products.
To further his interest in training Mark joined Pfizer Ltd in June 1997 as a full time District Field Trainer. His responsibilities included, managing the team’s training and one to one coaching of eleven representatives. Due to the success with his team, Mark was asked to expand his responsibilities to include running training courses on the eleven week Initial Training Programme, at Conferences and Regional Meetings.
In November 1999, Mark joined CPM Customer Management Consulting as a Consultant. His role involved collaborating with Clients to ensure that they managed profitable customer relationships and allowed him to develop his knowledge of training, management and leadership. During his career Mark worked successfully with Guinness, Unilever and Electrolux.

It was in May 2001 Mark developed a part time training consultancy and joined Potential Plus in 2007 as a Director

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